Introducing Public Lead Generation Pages

We are excited to announce that we have taken another step forward in our development of community management software for nonprofit organizations.

Whether you are campaigning for child sponsorship leads, project donations, or general funds, Clarity can provide you with templated and configurable web pages that can be used to capture leads. These pages can be private (for your existing supporters) or public (for new lead generation) and are set up to automate the administration and donor engagement process.

Create campaign pages to automate your new donor onboarding experience

Automation is of utmost importance to nonprofit organizations that are small or medium sized, as their resources don’t always allow them to operate with multiple software's in their technology stack.

With Clarity’s most recent feature developed, nonprofits can now automate their lead generation and campaign web pages with ease.

Being that all donor and beneficiary information is centralized in the donor management system, segmentation into groups and no-code templated campaign pages can be easily set up so that nonprofits can create, maintain, update, and host all the information related to their campaigns within one software.

These pages can be used to provide new marketing opportunities to nonprofits trying to grow their programs. Simply choose a template that works for your needs, identify the groups that will be displayed on the page, and automatically you will be provided with a subdomain that can be integrated into your nonprofits website for lead generation and donor interest capture.

Existing templates can be used for child sponsorship lead generation, project campaigning, or any type of direct giving program. Once created, the donor is automatically added to your donor management system within Clarity, and the connection to the beneficiary is automatically facilitated.

Potential donors who come across your website and decide to donate to one of your programs will be instantly able to see their impact, with Clarity. As soon as they are confirmed by the nonprofit, they will have access to project or student information so they can start to see the history of support related to the beneficiary they will be contributing to.

Simple set up for nonprofit organizations to scale with ease

All that is necessary to build complete campaign pages is a beneficiary group and a page template.

Groups and pages are set up in the settings, and beneficiaries can be added to a group directly from within the community management system, within their individual beneficiary profile.

Once created, beneficiaries can be segmented into groups and within seconds, your nonprofit will have a subdomain that can be integrated into your website. Further, configurable options allow you to add your own logo and information to the pages to brand them in a way that resonates with your organization’s identity.

Inbound leads generated and automatically added to your donor management system

In order to complete the circle, and automatically track the information that is necessary when a new donor gets started with supporting a nonprofit’s mission, automation is leveraged to keep your donor membership database updated.

New leads will show up in your donor list, with an icon that indicates that the lead was generated through one of your external campaigns.

Options for filtering become second nature as these indicators can be used to get a quick overview of all the inbound leads generated through your campaign pages. The future of donor management in Clarity will include effective and efficient reporting and filtering with the goal of saving administrative time and resources for nonprofits.

With pages, the future of digital donation campaigning, community management, and donor engagement is endless.

We have built an infrastructure that allows these pages to be scaled, configured, and instantly generated so nonprofits can iterate on their strategic marketing processes with variations and tests related to all their programs. A/B testing of campaign messaging, various program type trials to explore new opportunity segments within the scope of the nonprofit’s mission, or simple trial and error analysis can be created with ease, in seconds, and all monitored and evaluated through a single centralized software.

If you feel like getting involved in guiding this development, or have feedback related to the current or future plans regarding campaign pages (both internal community pages, and external general public pages), don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected]!

This feature was built based on feedback from our users to automate their community management processes. We strive to build features that resonate with our users, and the industry, so your feedback is always appreciated and encouraged 🥰.