Donor Management for Innovative Nonprofits

We provide nonprofit organizations with a community management software that allows donors and beneficiaries to be connected directly, with the goal of building genuine relationships and donation transparency.
With our donor management software solution, donor data management is made easy.
Utilize Clarity as part of your nonprofit's digital strategy and communications plan to provide a "history of giving" to your donors so that they can monitor their impact, with Clarity.
Image that shows a sponsor looking at the activities of the child who has been sponsored through an organization that uses Clarity's software.
Our commitment to donor management

Nonprofits are becoming more and more concerned about privacy within their community. Clarity is building world class software that keeps organizations in control of what information is necessary to share, and what should be kept private.

Simply create templated user profiles for donors (and beneficiaries) that will allow community members to securely share information with your organization that is needed to provide a unique and personalized nonprofit digital strategy.

Donor Engagement Tracking Software for Nonprofit Organizations

Donor insights are a critical part of a nonprofit's digital strategy.

Being able to understand how donors are engaging within a nonprofit's community provides direct insight into how effective an organization's communication plan truly is.

Clarity provides a donor engagement tracking software as one of its core verticals for nonprofit organizations.

Beneficiary content management in Clarity's Software.

Key Donor Management Features

for the future of giving


Personalized Audience Management.
Provide personalized updates and information to donors and beneficiaries.

Donor commitment to a nonprofit organization's mission starts with personalization.

Administrators can update all of their community, some of their community, or individual donors from one central platform using "Audiences".

Unlimited Admins

Execute Nonprofit Digital Strategies Together.
Multiple administrators with no additional cost to the organization.

There is no limit to the number of administrators that can access our software and be a part of your nonprofit's digital strategy and communications plan.

How a nonprofit uses our donor management solution is in the organization's contol.

Relationship Tracking

Donor-Beneficiary Relationship Moderation.
Donor engagement strategies and strategic marketing for nonprofits through more genuine and direct relationships between beneficiaries and donors.

One donor donating to many projects or people, groups of donors donating to one project or person, or many to many relationships are all able to be tracked and managed transparently.

Engagement tracking and moderation is simple with a community management software.

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