Clarity is for all child sponsorship programs

We provide nonprofit organizations that operate a direct beneficiary programs, such as child sponsorship programs, with an elegant way to keep sponsors informed, and engaged, throughout their sponsorship commitments.
We don't just stop with child sponsorship. Family support programs, entrepreneurial venture programs, animal feeding programs, you name it - Clarity will work for you and your model.
Image that shows a sponsor looking at the activities of the child who has been sponsored through an organization that uses Clarity's software.
Our commitment to child sponsorship

Clarity was born from an existing child sponsorship program that needed to find a better way of keeping their donors engaged. As the program grew, the individualized approach to building relationships between sponsors and their beneficiaries became unrealistic.

Clarity centralized the task and automated the process. This shortened the time it took to make quarterly updates by 50%. We didn't want to keep these efficiencies to ourselves, which is why we made it multi-tenant for all child sponsorship programs to use.

Simplify how your nonprofit organization manages its sponsors & beneficiaries.

Beneficiaries Management

All your beneficiaries (and donors, in fact) get personalized profiles that can host letters, pictures, documents, report cards, or any other standard charitable content associated with sponsorship programs.

By linking donors and beneficiaries to eachother, sponsorship coordinators only need to make updates from one centralized environment.

Donors will be able to login to their profile and access their beneficiary updates, both new and old.

Beneficiary content management in Clarity's Software.
Approvals feature in Clarity's Software for approving content that is shared through the software for child sponsorship programs.
Approve Content

Let's face it, managing the correspondence of a sponsorship program, such as a child sponsorship program, is challenging. Especially as your program grows!

Clarity has permission structures in place that allow managers to monitor the work of their sponsorship communication coordinators, and double check that the content is both appropriate and being sent to the right profile.

Organizations that deal with adults can use this infrastructure to take this correspondence a step further by allowing two-way communication between donors and beneficiaries - all of which can be moderated by the organization.

Personalized Communication Audiences

Not all donors can sponsor on their own.

At Clarity, we understand that child sponsorship programs vary in how they maintain their operations through unique donor-beneficiary relationships.

Whether your child sponsorship program uses direct one-to-one donor-beneficiary relationships, or supports donor groups that sponsor one child, Clarity can manage the network connections for you and give you the tools you need to ensure communication is personalized for individual donors.

Clarity uses audiences to be able to create unique and personalized member updates for varying database connections within the platform.

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