Clarity, for Charities.

Bringing Beneficiaries, Donors, and Nonprofit Organizations closer together.
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Child Sponsorship Software that brings Beneficiaries, Donors, and Non-Profit Organizations closer together
Our Mission

We’re on a mission to make giving more collaborative by providing better insights into charitable activities so that beneficiaries, donors, and organizations can monitor their impact, with Clarity.

Digital Correspondence

Reduce the manual work that goes into facilitating the direct correspondence between organizations and their donors.

Letters, pictures, documents, report cards, or any other standard charitable content can be stored in Clarity for access by specific recipients.

We digitize donor-beneficiary correspondence so that organizations can focus on what truly matters - their charitable activities.

Beneficiary and Donor Data Management and Relationship Management
Child Sponsorship Software for Donor Relationship Management
See the Impact

Donors care about where their money is going. Clarity keeps things transparent.

Various profile types can be created (sponsors, donors, projects, beneficiaries, etc) and linked for content sharing.

Donors can truly see the impact they have made on each charitable activity they supported throughout their entire history of giving.

Centralized and Secure

Organizations are entitled to privacy and security. We utilize the highest standard of security practices in our software and ensure encryption of both data at rest, and in transit.

We utilize a secure multi-tenant environment so that your information is kept separate from the other organizations using Clarity.

You own the data associated with your organization and get to decide who can access it.

Centralized and secured child sponsorship software and charity membership software.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Clarity is here to help.
Can’t find the answer to your question? Feel free to reach out!

Q. What kind of programs can utilize your system?

We work with many charitable organizations that each have a variety of donor/beneficiary models. Our core capabilities are built for recurring donation funding models in organizations that focus on child sponsorship, entrepreneurial backing, family support, and/or project based work.

Q. How does your system digitalize charity correspondence?

With Clarity, organization coordinators can facilitate content through the platform so that donors can follow the progress of beneficiaries. Correspondence from beneficiaries, or the donor, is kept centralized and searchable throughout the entire history of donor support.

Q. What kind of correspondence is typically shared between donors and beneficiaries?

Depending on the donor/beneficiary model, a variety of content is typically shared throughout the donors history of giving. Letters, pictures, report cards, update documents, newsletters, gifs, or any other form of correspondence can be stored and revisited whenever the donor feels like checking in on the program activities.

Q. Can I trial the system to see if it will work for our organization?

Yes. We offer a 14 day free trial for organizations that are exploring the use of Clarity. Please reach out if you have a unique program or if you need any help getting started with the software. We are also always open to hear what may be needed for the software to work well for you and your organization.

Q. Can I remove my data if we no longer require the platform?

Absolutely. Our team understands the conditions of GDPR and the sensitivity around data protection and security. If you would like to remove all your content from our platform, we would be sad to see you go, but definitely able to complete the request.

Q. Can I moderate the direct donor/beneficiary communication?

You bet. Our team understands that you can never be too careful when dealing with communication between donors and beneficiaries. Organization administrators are able to moderate the content that is sent back and forth, and make sure that it is appropriate.