We believe in transparent giving.

Clarity is a technology company that creates internal communities for nonprofit organizations. These communities - which can be set up by organizations of any size - allow donors and beneficiaries to connect in a more direct way (with organizational moderation). This type of internal community provides further transparency into the charitable activities of non-profit organizations.

Ultimately, Clarity reduces donor churn.

Donor transparency into donor, organization, and beneficiary activity.

Our Vision

for the future of giving


Where do your recurring donations go?
Transparency into donor, organization, and beneficiary activities by centralizing all updates for organizations.

Clarity manages donor expectations by exposing where their donation has made a direct impact.

Whether donations are used for child sponsorship, projects, or alternative activities, updates are tracked and presented to the relevant donors, keeping them informed on how their donation has made a difference.


Internal community management.
Community management through internal and private social networks for nonprofits.

Updates happen in many places.

Donors can't keep track of all the good your organization is doing when updates happen across multiple social platforms.

Clarity provides a community management software built specifically for non-profit organizations.


Real donor-beneficiary relationships.
Donor engagement strategies and strategic marketing for nonprofits through more genuine relationships between beneficiaries and donors.

We live in a world full of digital connections.

Clarity provides organizations with the ability to allow moderated communication between beneficiaries and donors. There is nothing more geniune than direct interactions. By opening secure avenues for communication, donors and beneficiaries can learn so much more from one another.

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Clarity has clients on 4 continents that use Clarity's Software for their child sponsorship program.

Customers on four continents

Clarity is a global company with users across the world. Different programs, from different parts of the world, have different needs. Clarity is robust enough to be used by any program that recieves recurring donations or operate sponsorship programs.

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