Increased Donor Engagement for the Charitable Projects they Support

We provide nonprofit organizations with all the tools they need to connect their donors with the projects they are passionate about supporting.
We do this by providing configurable environments that allow nonprofits to create connections between the people working on the projects, and the donors funding these charitable activities.
Keep your donors informed by allowing moderated communication between project managers and donors, custom CRM data elements for project profiles, and engagement insights that help reduce donor churn and strengthen your donor's commitment to your nonprofit's mission.
Image that shows a donor looking at the activities of the charitable project that they support with donations through a nonprofit organization that uses Clarity's software.
Our commitment to charitable projects

Projects are often the foundation of a nonprofit's charitable activities.

Whether your charitable projects support healthcare advancement, engineering upgrades, building infastructure improvements, water accessibility initiatives, or any other form of charitable activity, our tools can be configured to support your nonprofit's communications and donor engagement initiatives.

We are commited to building tools that help build, scale, and manage charitable projects, specifically in the nonprofit sector.

Our focus with charitable projects is to help you showcase your impact, and there is no better way of doing this than by allowing the people on the ground to tell their stories of the impact your donor's donations has made on their lives.

Charitable Project Engagement Features

for the future of giving


Complete Control Over Charitable Projects.
Configure the tools you need for your nonprofit's charitable projects in any way you would like.

Charitable projects are complex. They require flexibility when centralizing the project information.

Clarity's project management features let nonprofit organizations decide how they would like to configure and style the tools for communication and engagement with their donors.

Impact Measurement

Share the impact with your donors!
Update your donors on the impact that is being created for your charitable project beneficiaries.

Donors care about the impact that their donations are providing to charitable project beneficiaries.

With Clarity, you can showcase your project's impact measurements and keep your donors "in the know" when it comes to the progress and activities that have been completed.


Direct communication and engagement.
Allow moderated communication between your donors and the charitable project stakeholders that they are supporting financially.

Have an update that you want to share about the progress of your charitable project activities?

Let the project stakeholders, and beneficiaries of your donor's donations, be the ones to tell their own story... think that's too challenging? Not anymore! Just use Clarity!

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