Community Management for Modern Nonprofits

We provide nonprofit organizations with all the tools they need to build engaging digital communities that reduce donor churn and strengthen member commitment to your mission.
We do this by providing configurable environments that allow nonprofits to create custom digital communities that resonate with their user network.
Internal and external campaign pages, donor-beneficiary moderated communication, custom CRM data elements for user profiles, and engagement insights are some of the ways that we are building community engagement functionality into Clarity.
Image that shows a sponsor looking at the activities of the child who has been sponsored through an organization that uses Clarity's software.
Our commitment to community management

Community members are diverse.

Whether your community involves donors, beneficiaries, partners, international NGOs, suppliers, project managers, or contractors, our tools can be configured to support your nonprofit's communications and engagement initiatives.

We are commited to building tools that help build, scale, and manage digital communities, specifically in the nonprofit sector.

Our focus is on impact, and we aim to make an impact by building and supporting the digital communities of tomorrow's biggest changemakers.

Custom Fields

Organizations aren't a monolith.

At Clarity, we understand that organizations come in all shapes and sizes, with unique needs, and unique data elements that are important to them. This is why we introduced custom fields.

You decide what your user profiles look like, who can see the data fields, what can be editted by the users (beneficiaries or donors), and what data elements are important to your community. Go ahead, get creative!

Clarity uses custom fields to be able to be used by any nonprofit organization. Configure the Clarity software to work perfect for your charitable organization.
Create pages for internal or external campaigns for generating donations from donors that are part of your community, or want to become part of your community.
Internal and External Fundraising Campaigns

Nonprofit campaigning tools should be centralized, fully integrated into your CRM, and be built to create relationships beyond a one-time transaction!

Whether you are campaigning internally within your community, or you would like to build a campaign that can be accessed from potential donors outside your community, we have all the tools needed to get manage your digital campaigns.

No more jumping between multiple softwares to collect donations, add data to your CRM, or provide donor updates. With Clarity, everything is automated. When an internal community member makes a donation to a new project, they will automatically be connected to the project and recieve personalized updates as part of their history of giving.

If the donor has not previously engaged with your nonprofit, by making a donation they will be provisioned with access to your community so they can monitor their impact, with Clarity!

Community Management Features

for the future of giving


Complete Control Over Your Community.
Configure the tools you need for your nonprofit's community in any way you would like.

Features with little configuration options won't work for all aspects of a nonprofit's mission.

We make features that help build a nonprofit's community, but let organizations decide how they would like to configure and style the tools for interaction with their members.

Profile Types

Configure Unique Profiles By Member Type!
Custom profiles for any type of nonprofit donor or beneficiary.

Donor and Beneficiary types vary within a nonprofit organization.

Beneficiaries, for example, could be a person, project, NGO, etc... With Clarity, organizations can build profiles for any type of unique community member.


Automatically Maintain A History Of Giving.
Use automation to help maintain and update your nonprofit's donors and beneficiaries.

With a fully integrated community management and membership software, organizations can leverage automation to make things happen quickly.

No more wasting time jumping between multiple software solutions - just use Clarity.

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