How To Grow Your Nonprofit’s Community Using The Most Innovative Community Management Software Techniques

Innovation in technology has transformed the relationship between nonprofit communities and their audiences worldwide.
A community management software maintains your supporters' commitment by creating efficient ways for donors to engage with beneficiaries, the organization itself, and all aspects of your digital community.
How you manage the interactions within your digital community to facilitate an engaged community, is completely up to you. Clarity provides the tools you need to configure a digital community that works for your organization.
Nonprofit communities aren’t a monolith, so being able to have complete control over how your community operates allows you to build a community fits your nonprofit’s needs.

What is Community Management?

Donors, beneficiaries, volunteers, followers, supporters, etc, are all part of your nonprofit’s community. Their involvement drives various projects and charitable activities related to your nonprofit organization's mission.
A community management software centralizes all members of your digital community, and opens up new ways to provide transparency, get insight into engagement data metrics, and create secured and private avenues for direct correspondence. Furthermore, it fosters relationships among the members of your nonprofit and makes it easier for them to engage. This positively impacts the community and builds more meaningful connections between the members of the community and the nonprofit’s mission.

How does community management software help maintain your community and improve engagement amongst members?

Ensure Donor Retention Through Transparent Practices

Transparency is at the core of every relationship.
Being transparent about how donations are making an impact can cultivate relationships that are full of commitment, retaining your donors for a much longer period of time. Donation spending transparency ensures donors can see that their donations are being utilized as described by your campaigning, and sets expectations that are appropriately matched and fulfilled by your nonprofit. This culture of transparency breeds long-term, engaged, and stable donors.

Convenient Engagement For Members

Clarity provides a convenient medium for the donor and beneficiaries to build genuine connections.
By opening the door to direct donor-beneficiary relationships, and providing a convenient portal for facilitating the connections, donors become more engaged with your nonprofits vision. This is because donors are able to connect and communicate with the people who are benefiting from their contributions.
Taking this further and leveraging the data insights that Clarity offers regarding the engagement levels of individual donors, nonprofits can strategically determine which donors are at higher risk of stopping their contributions, and reach out to get ahead of this before the donor churns.

Private And Secured Environments For All Users

Clarity is highly committed to the privacy of the donors, beneficiaries, and the nonprofit organization itself.
Unlike donors, beneficiaries' information is commonly publicized without the required permission or beneficiary intent; this can be harmful to the individuals whose data has been compromised without them knowing about it. So, to ensure a protected environment, Clarity allows nonprofits to be intentional about the information they share, by allowing some fields to be private (for organizational use only) and some fields to be shown on the profiles of donors and beneficiaries that can be seen by their connected counterparts.
Information security is of utmost importance to Clarity, and we stand with organizations who take this seriously. Clarity’s tools are being built to protect any and all personal information, and puts the control in the hands of the organizations to allow them to easily maintain an ethical approach to data sensitivity, while still sharing information that is important to understanding how donations have been spent.

Clarity introduces strategic and well-planned community management practices to nonprofits around the world, helping them maintain and efficiently run their organizations. If you would like to learn how you can leverage our innovative tools to get your nonprofit’s community off the ground, feel free to connect with us at [email protected].