General Updates From Organization To Nonprofit Community Members

We are pleased to announce our latest feature, which is made for nonprofit organizations that need a simple way to update ALL of their members (donors and beneficiaries), or subsets of their members, all from within their community management software.

Keeping your nonprofit’s community informed

It’s widely known that nonprofit organizations deal with limited resources and budget when it comes to using technology to improve engagement within their communities. Often, nonprofits have five or six different technology tools (that have niche functionality) to drive engagement within their communities. In order to access some of the premium tools on these services that would actually be a benefit to a nonprofit organization, they get hit with upgrade fees and premium service costs. This ultimately increases the cost of technology expenses within the organization, and reduces the budget available for other needed services or technological components.

Our goal is to wrap all community management tools into a single centralized software. We aim to give nonprofits access to all the desirable components of various engagement solutions - many which were built for enterprise for-profit organizations - and bring them to nonprofits at prices that don’t compromise their work, or stress their budgets.

Our founders are guided by their own experience in building nonprofits, so we understand the stress involved in the budgets of grassroot organizations. We’re simply here to help make great software tools more accessible!

With this release, we created the ability for community development administrators (or whomever manages community engagement within your nonprofit) to make general updates to all, or subsets, of their community. This is all possible through their organization’s Clarity profile 🔥.

Mailchimp is great, but when you’re getting close to your limit and are forced to pay for it on top of your donor CRM and other technology tools, is it something you can afford? Or, do you want to add that additional cost to your expenses? Do you wish there was a way to do these updates, all while driving engagement through typical CRM functions, wrapped into one solution and expense?

Well, with Clarity, you can now do both: manage your community, and drive engagement with general update newsletters and email notifications. The data is also centralized and kept until you tell us not to keep it, so when your donors login, they will be able to see all your updates, forever, in one newsfeed. No more newsletters that get buried... never to be seen again… 😲

Creating a general update

From an admin perspective, organizations will be able to create posts with any type of content. As soon as the post is approved, emails will be sent using our Email Notification’s feature. For more information on email notifications, feel free to read this knowledge article:

Setting Up Email Notifications for Donor and Beneficiary Updates

The following image shows what creating a general update post will look like, from the organization’s admin perspective.

Donor and Beneficiary View

For completion, it is also important to consider what the donors and beneficiaries of your community will see when you make an update to the community. The following is an image of the member’s perspective, related to the general update we previously created.

Taking this further

This is the first version of this feature. We will continue to build different template types for admin posts, much like what Mailchimp has done, as we recognize that creating unique email designs and branded content is very important to nonprofit organizations when building and maintaining their community.

If you feel like getting involved in this development, or have feedback related to the current or future plans regarding admin general updates, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected]

This feature was built for a client that is using Clarity for their community management. We strive to build features that resonate with our users, and the industry, so your feedback is always appreciated 🥰.