5 Ways Community Management Platforms Can Help Nonprofit Organizations Improve Donor Engagement and Reduce Churn Amidst the Decline of Facebook Engagement

The decline of engagement on Facebook has had a significant impact on nonprofit organizations and their community growth.

In recent years, Facebook's daily active users in the US and Canada have declined by 15 million, making it more difficult for nonprofits to reach their audiences and promote their causes. Further to this, in recent years, the decline is continuing and growth has slowed. There have been reports of declining engagement among many groups of users, most alarming with respect to nonprofit organizations, is the younger users that could be future donors.

But there is a solution to this problem…

By creating a private community management platform, nonprofit organizations can improve donor engagement and reduce donor churn by taking back control over their content’s engagement and reach.

Five tips to help you improve donor engagement and build your nonprofit's community using a community management platform:

1. Create a private community management platform: A private community management platform can help you improve donor engagement by creating a space where donors can interact with one another, with the beneficiaries of their donations, and with the organization itself. This can help build a strong community of supporters who are invested in the cause and more likely to engage with the organization's content.

2. Use a multichannel approach: While Facebook may not be as effective as it once was for nonprofits, there are still many other platforms that can be used to reach your audience. By using a multichannel approach, you can control your content reach and your donor engagement. This can include using platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and email marketing.

3. Invest in donor management software: Investing in donor management software can help you keep track of your donors and manage their engagement with your organization. This can include tracking donations, keeping track of communication with donors, and analyzing donor data to better understand your audience.

4. Focus on building relationships: Building strong relationships with your donors is key to improving donor engagement. This can include regular communication, personalized content, and opportunities for your donors to get involved with your organization.

5. Use community management features to increase engagement:Community management platforms often come with built-in features that can help increase engagement with your community. This can include features like polls, Q&A sessions, and discussions. By using these features, you can create a more interactive experience for your donors and encourage them to become more engaged with your organization.

The decline of engagement on Facebook is a significant challenge for nonprofits. By building your own community that you have complete control over using community management technology, using a multichannel approach, investing in donor management integrations, focusing on building relationships, and using community management features to increase engagement, you can improve donor engagement and build your nonprofit's community.

Nonprofits that don't take advantage of these strategies will likely be left behind by those that do.
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